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U.S. Senate nominee Deb Fischer visits Beatrice

July 31, 2012

Scott Koperski

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Deb Fischer visited Beatrice Thursday and met with community members at the Gage County Fair.

Fischer, who is running against Democrat opponent Bob Kerrey in the November generalelection, said Thursday was a fitting opportunity to visit with Gage Countyfarmers on the day she received a special endorsement.

“We received the Nebraska Farm Bureau’s endorsement today, so that means a lot,” Fischer said. “Candidates are always appreciative when they can get that endorsement because it’s an important one in the state. It’s nice to have the support of the Farm Bureau and their members.”

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is the state’s largest voluntary agriculture organization.
Fischer said her history of supporting tax relief may have been a contributing factor in the Farm Bureau’s support.

“I have a strong record in the legislature of supporting tax relief,” Fischer said. “Property taxes are a concern, not just to Farm Bureau members but all Nebraskans. I helped to pass that tax relief package that helped with property tax relief.

“I supported and helped to pass the largest tax relief package in the history of the state of Nebraska. Mr. Kerrey voted for the largest tax increase in thehistory of our county.”

Fischer, a state senator from Valentine who grew up in Lincoln and owns a ranch in Cherry County, said the number one comment she hears on her grass roots campaign is about the “out of control budget,” an
issue that tops her list of priorities.

“Government spending is out of control; I hear that all over the state,” Fischer said. “We need to get it under control. We need to have a balanced budget amendment. We need to address the deficit and the debt and let small businesses grow and create jobs.

“We do that by reducing regulations, reforming the tax code, looking at tax costs and repealing Obamacare. It’s a pretty consistent theme across the state. It all begins with the spending we see at the federal government level. If we can get that under control, we can turn the economy around.”

While budgetary concerns account for most of the comments Fischer hears on the campaign trail, she said others have expressed concern for the fate of small businesses hindered by regulations, an issue
Fischer hopes to correct.

“People are concerned about those regulations on small business and the tax code,” she said. “Many of them would like to hire people, but there’s so much uncertainty out there that they’re not willing to at this point.”

Fischer said she’s made no changes to her campaign strategy since winning the primary election and will continue to stay positive, rather than take “personal attacks” as she says her opponent has done in multiple television advertisements.

“We’re continuing to work hard and stay positive,” Fischer said. “People appreciate that and like to see the discussion on the issues and not personal attacks.That’s what we did in the primary, we stayed on the issues and that’s what we’re doing now, too.

“It’s disappointing when you have those personal attacks on you. People don’t like it. I think we showed that in the primary. They want to hear who you are and what you stand for.”

Fischer and Kerry will debate in person on Aug 25 at the Nebraska State Fair.

She added there will likely be two more debates in September, though dates have yet to be set.

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Farm Bureau Endorses Deb

July 26, 2012

As one of Deb’s most loyal supporters, I wanted you to be one of the first to hear today’s exciting news: The Nebraska Farm Bureau is endorsing Deb’s campaign for US Senate.

Nebraska Farm Bureau Endorses Deb!

Deb’s record of leadership for Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers speaks for itself.

  • Deb stood up for the property rights of farmers and small business owners, passing legislation that protects private property rights from eminent domain abuse.
  • Deb helped pass the biggest tax relief package in state history, which also eliminated the estate tax.
  • Deb has consistently supported efforts to cut down on state bureaucracy and give farmers more freedom, privacy, and flexibility.

As a rancher and small business owner herself, Deb understands the challenges facing our state’s farming and ranching families. In fact, if elected, Deb would be the only rancher in the U.S. Senate.

I think we can both agree that is the kind of real world, down to Earth experience that Washington so desperately needs.

Deb understands that Agriculture is crucial to our state and national economy, and she’ll be a champion for real reforms that save taxpayers billions of dollars while still protecting the farm and food safety net many Nebraskans rely on.

Deb has been outspoken in her support for the bipartisan Farm Bill that saves more than $35 billion, makes farm and nutrition programs more accountable to American taxpayers, and helps farmers and ranchers during this terrible drought. 

Simply put, Deb Fischer is the only candidate who will stand up for Nebraska farmers and small businesses…and that’s why we are standing behind her.  Will you join me and thousands of Nebraska’s family farmers and ranchers in supporting Deb Fischer by contributing $25, $50, $100, or more today?

Thank you in advance for your support of Deb and Nebraska’s Ag community.


Mark McHargue
Central City, Nebraska
Farm Bureau 1st Vice President

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Bob Kerrey’s Senate bid is an uphill climb

July 25, 2012

The Washington Post
By Karen Tumulty

ALLIANCE, Neb. — His hair has gone snowy, but rancher Darcy Leistritz instantly recognized the man coming her way at a strip mall here in Nebraska’s western reaches.

“I wore one of your T-shirts when I was in college,” she told Bob Kerrey.

That would have been some time late in the last century, when Kerrey was acclaimed as one of the most dazzling politicians this state had ever produced.

He was a heartland heartthrob: a Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam; a self-made millionaire; a brainy governor whose approval rating topped 70 percent; a Democrat who won a landslide election to the Senate in a year when Michael Dukakis failed to get even 40 percent of Nebraska’s vote for president. Oh, and he dated one of the biggest movie stars of the day, Debra Winger.

Now, after living in New York City for more than 10 years, Kerrey has returned and is trying to win back his old Senate seat. But it has been nearly two decades since his name last appeared on the general-election ballot in Nebraska, and his past glories here are as faded as those old campaign T-shirts. Even Leistritz said she does not know whether she will vote for him.

At the moment, Kerrey is running well behind a state senator, Deb Fischer, who stunned the Nebraska political establishment by defeating two better-funded and better-known candidates in the Republican primary in May.

The Kerrey subplot is playing out in a race that has attracted a lot of attention because Nebraska represents one of the best chances the GOP has of picking up a Democratic seat in its quest for a majority in the Senate. Kerrey was supposed to diminish those chances.

There hasn’t been a reliable poll lately, but Fischer’s team said last month that their internal numbers have her up by 25 points. Kerrey campaign officials estimate the margin is in the low double-digits. The candidate himself said his gut tells him “the election today is probably 54-46, something like that.”

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