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Fischer Surging in New Poll, Releases New TV ad

By Aaron  

Fischer Surging in New Poll, Releases New TV ad

 Lincoln, NE – Today, the Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate campaign released poll results that show Deb Fischer in a statistical dead heat with Jon Bruning in the Nebraska Republican Primary.

Deb Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate commissioned The Singularis Group, a full-service political consulting firm based in Kansas City, to take a live survey on Sunday, May 6th of 400 likely Republican Primary voters in Nebraska’s U.S. Senate race.  The confidence interval for the survey is 95% and the margin of error is +/– 4.9%.

The results are listed below:

Candidate                               Percentage

Jon Bruning                              29.8%

Deb Fischer                              25.6%

Don Stenberg                           18.0%

Pat Flynn                                      1.3%

Spencer Zimmerman                1.1%

Sharyn Elander                           0.0%

Undecided                                 24.2%

“Deb Fischer’s campaign has powerful momentum going into the final week of this campaign.  We have come from over 30 points down in public polls to a statistical tie with Jon Bruning,” said Fischer Campaign Manager Aaron Trost.  “Nebraska Republican primary voters are moving to Deb Fischer because they trust her conservative leadership and know that she is the best candidate to beat Bob Kerrey in November.”

Fischer also released a new television ad “Barbed Wire” that can be viewed by clicking here.

“People are tired of career politicians and are looking for a different type of person to send to Washington D.C.  That’s why Deb Fischer’s candidacy is taking off and the support for our opponents is declining.  Our new ad highlights Deb Fischer’s conservative record and encourages our opponents to cut out the political bull and focus on the issues,” said Trost.


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Deb Fischer Releases Policy Plan to Reduce the Size and Scope of the Federal Government

By Aaron  

Deb Fischer Releases Policy Plan to Reduce the Size and Scope of the Federal Government

Lincoln, NE - Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, announced her plan to reduce the size of the federal government and it more efficient.

“The constant gridlock in Congress has led to a shift of power to the federal bureaucracy.  This shift has allowed the Obama Administration to grow the size and power of the bureaucratic regime in unprecedented leaps and bounds,” said Senator Fischer.

The federal government has become so far-reaching that it is suffocating businesses and individual freedoms in this country.  Action must be taken immediately to begin to cut back on the ever-growing bureaucracy and its expanding influence on every aspect of our lives.  Congress must reassert its oversight authority and bring more transparency to the process,” said Fischer.

As a U.S. Senator, I will make the tough decisions necessary to dramatically reduce the size and scope of the federal government.  In my plan, I have listed my initial priorities to take those first steps toward streamlining the federal government,” said Fischer.

Senator Fischer’s five-point plan is listed below.

1. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Once a Balanced Budget Amendment is in place, Congress will be forced to set priorities for government.  I believe the first priority of the federal government is national security.  Until Congress balances the budget, everything else should be one the table.

2. Repeal Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank Financial Bill and No Child Left Behind.  These three bills must be repealed to relieve the American public of unnecessary government involvement that has or will hinder our recovery and growth as a nation.

3. Eliminate Ineffective and Duplicative Programs and Agencies.  Congress spends millions of dollars funding excessive and duplicative programs every year.  For example, the federal government funds more than 44 job training programs costing $30 billion, administered by nine different federal agencies.  This is unacceptable.  We should also begin to eliminate ineffective agencies, such as the Federal Highway Administration.  We have to begin to significantly downsize government, making reductions in every department and agency.

4. Implement a Process for Congressional Oversight of Regulations.  When I was elected to the Unicameral, my first priority bill put in place a process by which the public could challenge a rule or regulation implemented by a state agency.  I believe a similar process needs to be enacted at the federal level.  For example, Congress should have approval authority over any regulation that has a certain economic impact.

5. Audit the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve sets the monetary policy of the United States.  This agency may be one of the most powerful federal agencies and it is one of the least accountable.


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Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate Highlights Support by ShePAC

By Aaron  

Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate Highlights Support by ShePAC

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 -
Today, Deb Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate highlighted its support by ShePAC, a political action committee dedicated to electing more conservative women to Congress.

ShePAC is highlighting Senator Fischer as one of five Republican women who will help Republicans take back the majority in the U.S. Senate and put an end to liberal Harry Reid’s days as Majority Leader.  ShePAC kicked off its support of Senator Fischer by featuring her in a video, which can be viewed by clicking here.

“This is another example of the powerful momentum for Deb Fischer’s campaign and we are gaining important support when it matters most,” said Fischer Campaign Manager Aaron Trost.   “Our campaign has built a dynamic grassroots organization and we have won the last two GOP straw polls by wide margins.  As more and more people pay attention to this race, it becomes very clear that Deb Fischer is the best candidate who will beat Bob Kerrey and fight for Nebraska in the U.S. Senate.  Senator  Fischer is not a career politician; she’s a wife, mother, rancher, small business owner and citizen legislator.  That’s why she is the strongest candidate in this race.”


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Deb Fischer Wins Sarpy Republican Women Straw Poll!

By Aaron  

Deb Fischer Wins Sarpy Republican Women Straw Poll!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – Today, Senator Deb Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate announced a decisive victory at last night’s straw poll at a forum held by the Sarpy Republican Women.

Sarpy County is a key county in the Nebraska U.S. Senate race. It is the third most populated county in Nebraska and includes the cities of Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Gretna, Springfield and portions of Omaha.

Senator Fischer’s victory in the straw poll was a major development that demonstrates her campaign’s organizational strength and effective grassroots network, as her opponents have significant ties to Sarpy County.  Attorney General Jon Bruning represented a legislative district in Sarpy from 1997 to 2002 and Don Stenberg currently resides in Gretna.

Results from the Sarpy Straw Poll:

Deb Fischer 58 (46%)

Jon Bruning 32 (26%)

Don Stenberg 22 (18%)

Pat Flynn 12 (10%)

Others 0 (0%)

“Once again, Senator Fischer has won a key straw poll by a wide margin in a battleground county.  This demonstrates that our campaign for U.S. Senate has outstanding strength at the grassroots level and unshakeable momentum going into the last month of the campaign,” said Fischer Campaign Manager Aaron Trost.  “Moreover, Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg both have longtime ties to Sarpy County, but they still finished in a distant second and third respectively.  Last night’s results tell me that the voters who know them best are looking for other options.  Nebraskans are fed up with career politicians and they are looking for someone who hasn’t spent their entire life in politics to represent them in the U.S. Senate.  That’s why Deb Fischer will win this race.”

Last night’s straw poll win continues the strong momentum for Senator Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate.  In late March, she won the Washington County GOP Straw Poll and Debate with 58% of the vote.  Also, Senator Fischer released her first TV ad earlier this week and recently received a key endorsement from Maggie’s List, an organization dedicated to electing more fiscally conservative Republican women.


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Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate Unveils First Television Advertisement

By Aaron  

Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate Unveils First Television Advertisement
April 9, 2012 - Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, announced her campaign’s first television ad of the primary election.The ad, entitled “Backbone”, will run in media markets across the state.  Backbone highlights Senator Fischer’s life experiences as a wife, mother, rancher, small business owner and citizen legislator.   The spot also focuses on issues, as it highlights Fischer’s commitment to cut spending, balance the budget, repeal Obamacare, promote pro-life policies and defend 2nd Amendment rights.

“I’m pleased to announce that my campaign has started its advertising blitz across the state.  My first ad highlights my life experience, conservative record and focus on the issues, which matches the topics I’ve discussed on the campaign trail as I’ve traveled nearly 40,000 miles across Nebraska,” Senator Fischer said.  “Our country is facing serious challenges and we can’t count on the same career politicians to get us back on track.  We need leaders who have the backbone and courage to make the tough decisions necessary to fix our nation’s fiscal crisis.  That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate and that’s why I will win this race.”

The ad can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.   Also, a transcript of the ad is listed below.

Deb Fischer:  I’m Deb Fischer and I approve this message

VO:  Deb Fischer is a Nebraskan, conservative backbone, character

A Small Business Rancher used to hard work

A State Senator who passed Nebraska’s largest tax cut

100% Pro-Life

America faces big challenges and career politicians are to blame

Deb Fischer wants to change that by cutting spending, a balanced budget, repeal Obamacare

Deb Fischer works the Nebraska way.  Responsibly.  Time Washington Did the Same.

Deb Fischer for Nebraska.



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Deb Fischer Announces Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration

By Aaron  

Deb Fischer Announces Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration

Lincoln, NE - Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, announced her plan to stop illegal immigration.

“Illegal immigration is a critical challenge in this country, and in our state.  There are currently an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. and we have no way of knowing who they are and what they may have brought into our country,” Senator Fischer said.  “Illegal immigration is a threat to national security and the career politicians in Washington need to stop kicking the can down the road and enforce our laws.”

“The federal government’s failure to act has forced states like Nebraska to find solutions within their jurisdiction.  In the Nebraska Unicameral, I’ve fought against the establishment’s attempts to reward illegal immigration.  I voted against the law that provides in-state tuition for illegal aliens and I supported a bill that would repeal that law.  I also supported LB 239, a bill that will require citizens to show a photo ID when they vote, which will help prevent voter fraud by illegal aliens,” Fischer said.

“The issue of illegal immigration is complicated and emotional, but tough decisions must be made.  In the U.S. Senate, I will fight for the enforcement of our laws and oppose any attempt to reward illegal actions, just as I have done for the State of Nebraska.  The federal government has a Constitutional obligation to stop illegal immigration and as a U.S. Senator, I will set legislative priorities to secure our border, stop illegal immigration,” Fischer said.

Deb Fischer’s Legislative Priorities for Stopping Illegal Immigration:

 Secure the Borders:

  • Provide necessary funding and resources to secure the Northern border and Southern border, as well as our ports.
  • Increase the number of border patrol and enforcement agents.

Increase Workplace Enforcement:

  • Implement a mandatory E-Verify system for employers.
  • Enact stricter penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Provide Support to State and Local Governments:

  • Allow for the expedited removal of illegal aliens with a criminal record or suspected of drug trafficking.
  • Increase funding and flexibility for state and local officials to enforce immigration laws.

Prohibit Rewards for Illegal Behavior:

  • Oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • Deny benefits to illegal aliens such as in-state tuition benefits or driver’s licenses.

Stop Sanctuary Cities:

  • Cut funding to state and local governments that adopt “sanctuary city” policies.

Make English the Official Language of the United States.


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Deb Fischer Wins Straw Poll!

By Aaron  

Deb Fischer Posts Big Win at Washington County GOP Debate and Straw Poll!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – Today, Senator Deb Fischer announced an overwhelming victory at last night’s Washington County GOP Debate and Straw Poll, which was the largest GOP straw poll held in Nebraska this year.

Throughout the debate, Senator Fischer discussed her life experiences, conservative leadership and vision for Nebraska’s future.  Voters responded to her strong debate performance, as Senator Fischer won 58% of the votes cast.  The results are listed below:


Deb Fischer 46 (58%)

Pat Flynn 17 (22%)

Don Stenberg 13 (16%)

Jon Bruning 3 (4%)

“I am incredibly pleased and humbled by the overwhelming support I received at the Washington County GOP Debate and Straw Poll.  Our victory in that contest shows the voters aren’t looking for another career politician and that’s why my candidacy is resonating with Nebraskans,” said Senator Fischer.  “My campaign has strong momentum because I have been traveling the state, visiting with Nebraskans and organizing at the grassroots level across all 93 counties.  That’s how we will win this race for U.S. Senate in the primary and general election.”

Last night’s straw poll win continues the strong momentum for Senator Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate.  Last week, she received the endorsement of Maggie’s List, a national organization dedicated to electing Republican women.


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Maggie’s List Endorses Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate

By Aaron  

Maggie’s List Endorses Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate

Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee dedicated to electing conservative women to federal office, is proud to announce the endorsement of state Senator Deb Fischer for Nebraska’s open U.S. Senate seat. This endorsement signals the national appeal and statewide need for Senator Fischer’s conservative leadership that is reinforced by her small business ranching experience and courageous service in the Nebraska Unicameral.

“Deb Fischer is a strong candidate who will work to turn the country around and help put an end to the runaway spending and anti-freedom agenda of the Obama administration and Democrat dominated U.S. Senate. Deb delivers a potent combination of fiscal conservatism, less government, more personal responsibility and strong national security that we look for in national caliber candidates. She has all the right ingredients for victory,” says Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List and former Florida Secretary of State.

Senator Fischer states, “It is an honor to be endorsed by Maggie’s List and build this campaign’s momentum toward serving Nebraskans in the U.S. Senate. Congress and President Obama are spending and borrowing our country into $16 Trillion in debt and we can’t count on the same career politicians to get us out of the problem we are in. I am proud to be a different type of leader. I will use my life experiences, conservative leadership and Nebraska commonsense to form serious policy solutions to address the vital issues facing our nation.”

About Maggie’s List:
Maggie’s List is a Federal Political Action Committee created to raise awareness and funds to increase the number of conservative women elected to federal public office. Maggie’s List was founded in 2010 by a group of women with a fiscally conservative economic vision and a desire to address the underrepresentation of women in Congress. Recent endorsements include Linda Lingle, Hawaii Senate and Linda McMahon, Connecticut Senate. For more information please visit


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By Aaron  


With energy costs rising, Kerrey supports job-killing policy harmful to Nebraska

March 13, 2012 – Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, blasted Bob Kerrey’s strong support for Cap and Trade legislation.

“With the price of gas approaching $4.00 a gallon in Nebraska, Congress needs to develop a comprehensive energy plan that lowers costs,” Senator Fischer said.   “However, implementing Cap and Trade would be devastating to Nebraska’s economy and drive up costs for consumers.   It will raise energy prices by 30%, increase taxes by over $1 trillion, and eliminate thousands of American jobs.  Bob Kerrey’s support of cap and trade is completely irresponsible.  A more productive approach to lowering energy costs is eliminating needless regulations and increasing domestic production of energy, which I detailed in my plan to reduce energy costs.”

In a recent Omaha World-Herald article, Kerrey cited climate change as one of the reasons he entered the U.S. Senate Race.

            “Kerrey said climate change is among the compelling problems facing the country that prompted him to enter the race to succeed retiring Sen. Ben Nelson,    also a Democrat. ‘Whether you solve it with cap and trade or some alternative, if   you don’t solve it, I think it’s one that in short order we’re going to regret not doing,’ Kerrey said.”

            -Omaha World-Herald, March 12, 2012, Click here for full article

During his many years in New York, Kerrey has been an outspoken advocate for a federal cap and trade program.  According to video from a recent Kerrey speech to New School, he was recently lobbying U.S. Senators to vote for cap and trade.

            “I’m on the board of National Resources Defense Council, and climate change legislation is the top of their agenda.  And uh, I have the uh, I would say unenviable task of trying to persuade 8 to 10 Senators to vote in the affirmative.” 

            -Bob Kerrey Speech to New School, Click here for full video

“While Bob Kerrey’s been on the East Coast, he’s been attempting to appease liberal activists by giving speeches boasting about his lobbying efforts for cap and trade.  Meanwhile, in Nebraska, energy costs skyrocket on Nebraska families, seniors and businesses. Bob Kerrey is completely out-of-touch with Nebraska on his support for Cap and Trade,” said Senator Fischer.

Even Ben Nelson opposed Cap and Trade, citing in a May 2010 column that such legislation would “adversely impact states like Nebraska.”

At this point, it’s difficult to see how the cap and trade system could avoid hurting states like Nebraska.  I am skeptical that putting a ‘cap’ on greenhouse gas emissions and then having a system for power plants and others to ‘trade’  allowances for emissions they produce will work without adversely impacting states like Nebraska.”

            -Ben Nelson Column, Click here for full column

“I disagree with Ben Nelson on many issues, but I agree with his assessment that cap and trade would seriously damage Nebraska,” Senator Fischer said.  “If elected to the U.S. Senate, I will put Nebraska’s interests first and fight against cap and trade.  If Bob Kerrey is elected to the U.S. Senate, he will fight for a cap and trade program that is devastating to Nebraska.”


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Senator Deb Fischer’s Plan to Reduce Energy Costs

By Aaron  

Senator Deb Fischer’s Plan to Reduce Energy Costs

Our Country Must Reduce Its Reliance On Foreign Oil

Washington has failed to reduce America’s dependency on oil from overseas.  Our country’s reliance on foreign oil emboldens undemocratic regimes, creates national security risks and costs U.S. jobs.  Moreover, the costs of transporting energy from overseas are passed onto consumers.

We are blessed to have an abundance of natural resources in this country; and if managed correctly, we can become energy independent, while preserving our country’s landscape for our children.

Our energy policy needs to be market-based with energy producers participating in the market freely, without excessive and burdensome regulations.  Energy independence is a matter of national security and as a U.S. Senator, a top priority will be by setting a legislative agenda to reduce our need for foreign oil.

My priorities include eliminating excessive government regulations, supporting more domestic production of oil, promoting nuclear and coal power, and encouraging private-sector exploration of alternative energy.

1.  Reduce Burdensome Regulations

One of the biggest challenges facing energy policy in the U.S. is overregulation and overreach by federal agencies, especially by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   The liberal bureaucrats are out of touch with Americans and seek to make excessive protection of the environment a priority over the welfare of U.S. citizens, as illustrated by their attempt to limit farm dust.  I oppose such a regulation.  The only way to stop our reliance on foreign oil is to remove the bureaucratic obstacles and crippling regulations that prevent energy independence and job creation.

  • The EPA must be reformed and possibly eliminated.  Congress needs to use the mechanisms at its disposal to reduce the size and scope of the agency.  As a U.S. Senator, I will limit funding, eliminate excessive bureaucracy and block any EPA appointment where the candidate has a record of implementing onerous regulations.
  • I support making the EPA’s current greenhouse gas regulations less restrictive, allowing businesses the flexibility to respond to market forces without stifling competition.
  • As a U.S. Senator, I would make it a priority to enact a system that requires Congressional approval of any regulation with a significant economic impact.  Congress needs to exercise its oversight authority of these out of control agencies.
  • I strongly oppose a Cap and Trade policy in any form, unlike Bob Kerrey.  Cap and trade would be devastating to small businesses and families.  Estimates show that cap and trade would raise energy prices by 30%, increase taxes by over $1 trillion, and eliminate thousands of American jobs.

2.  Encourage More Domestic Oil Production

The Obama Administration’s frequent denial of offshore drilling permits is having a tremendous negative impact on our economy—just look at our rising gas prices.  At the beginning of President Obama’s term, gas prices were $1.85, today the average is $3.70.  Building refineries increases our domestic production capacity and as a U.S. Senator I would work to eliminate burdensome regulations and provide an environment to encourage the building of new refineries in the U.S.

  • I support off-shore and domestic drilling in order to increase our domestic production and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.
  • I also support drilling in ANWR, which would be another step towards energy independence. Only 8% of ANWR would be considered for exploration, approximately 1.5 million acres.  According to a U.S. Geological Survey, drilling in ANWR could yield 16 billion barrels of oil, which is close to 30 years of oil imports from Saudi Arabia.  Opening ANWR is predicted to bring in $2.5 billion of net federal revenue over the next decade through leasing fees if Congress allows drilling to begin, according to the CBO.
  • Federal lands should also be opened for oil shale development.  Oil shale in the U.S. could produce up to three times the oil as Saudi Arabia and create thousands of American jobs.
  • After leaders in the Nebraska Legislature worked with TransCanada to find a reasonable route for the Keystone XL Pipeline, President Obama and Congress are continuing to play politics as usual with this issue.  Construction of the pipeline has now been delayed until after the 2012 elections.  I support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in order to lower gas prices and create thousands of American jobs.

3.  Expand Nuclear and Coal Power

For our nation to meet rising energy needs, expanding nuclear and coal power at home should be part of our long-term energy plan.

  • I support the promotion of nuclear power and clean coal technology, which will lower energy costs, make the U.S. energy independent and create jobs.
  • According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, America currently possesses 27.5% of the world’s coal.  We must expand coal power plants, whether it is our current coal-fired plants or newer clean coal technology.
  • Nuclear energy accounts for less then 20% of the electricity produced in the U.S.  I support reducing onerous, excessive regulations, making it easier to obtain permits to build nuclear power plants. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission did not approve the creation of a nuclear power plant from 1978 to February 2012—this is completely unacceptable.

4.  Further the Development of Alternative Energy

Alternative energy must also be a player in our country’s energy policy.  I support efforts to explore new sources of energy from wind to solar power, including the use of ethanol, which is important to the economy in Nebraska.  We need to advance those technologies so they can be competitive with fossil fuels without placing undue regulations on businesses.

  • I believe the private sector should lead the development of alternative energy.
  • I support encouraging our universities, colleges and research institutions to study energy conservation and alternative energy solutions.
  • The federal government needs to let market forces drive the development of alternative energy.  The government should not be able to pick winners and loses in the race for alternative energy production.  Innovators should be free to create, and hopefully, we will have safe, cost-effective alternatives to oil in the near future.


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