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John McCain Endorses Deb Fischer

October 17, 2012

Sen. McCain: “I’m proud to support Deb Fischer in this important election for U.S. Senate. She has the character and commitment to change Washington.”

OMAHA, Nebraska, October 17, 2012 – Today, the Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate campaign announced that U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has endorsed Deb Fischer.

U.S. Senator John McCain is universally respected as a bipartisan leader and a maverick. He was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and currently serves as the Ranking Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I’m proud to support Deb Fischer in this important election for U.S. Senate. She has the character and commitment to change Washington,” said U.S. Senator John McCain. “She will work to eliminate wasteful spending, balance the budget, and grow the private sector economy. Facing an ever-growing debt, we need fiscally conservative leadership like Deb’s in the U.S. Senate to get our nation back on the right track.”

“I greatly admire Senator McCain, and it’s an honor to have his support in this campaign,” said Deb Fischer. “I am looking forward to working with John McCain and reaching across the aisle to address the tremendous challenges confronting our nation.”


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Sen. Fischer, Gov. Heineman, Fischer’s Cherry County Neighbors Respond To Bob Kerrey’s Character Smears

October 16, 2012

Gov. Heineman: “Bob Kerrey’s attacks are a desperate distraction by a desperate candidate who’s losing in the polls.”

Sen. Fischer: “While negative character attacks are the center of Mr. Kerrey’s campaign, I will continue to travel across the state to listen to Nebraskans and discuss the important issues facing our country. We are committed to campaigning the Nebraska Way.”

LINCOLN, Nebraska, October 15, 2012 - At a press conference today, U.S. Senate candidate Deb Fischer was joined by Governor Heineman and several of her friends and neighbors from Valentine and Cherry County to directly respond to Bob Kerrey’s latest television ad that personally smears Fischer and her family.

“Bob Kerrey’s attacks are a desperate distraction by a desperate candidate who’s losing in the polls,” said Governor Dave Heineman, who called out Bob Kerrey for his shameless negative campaign. “Bob Kerrey’s attacks may be the way they do it in New York, but it’s not the Nebraska Way, and that’s why Deb Fischer is going to win this race,” Heineman continued.

At the press conference, Senator Fischer made a pledge to Nebraskans to not stoop to Kerrey’s level by reciprocating his personal attacks and character smears.

“While negative character attacks are the center of Mr. Kerrey’s campaign, I will continue to travel across the state to listen to Nebraskans and discuss the important issues facing our country. We are committed to campaigning the Nebraska Way,” said Senator Fischer.

Many of Fischer’s friends and neighbors from Cherry County traveled to Lincoln to attend the press conference and show their support for Fischer.

“Senator Fischer has represented Legislative District 43 for the past eight years by listening to her constituents and providing unparalleled constituent services. I am appalled at the recent accusations leveled by Bob Kerrey and his cronies against Senator Fischer. Their baseless claims are unconscionable and unworthy of Nebraska’s airwaves,” said Valentine Mayor Rowdy Kluender.

“I’ve known Bruce and Deb Fischer for decades. They are people of good character. Dredging up a minor land dispute from over a decade ago for a negative political ad seems like a desperate attempt by political consultants to save a failing campaign. Even Bob Kerrey admitted to a TV station yesterday that this ad amounts to character assassination,” said Cherry County Commissioner Mark Adamson.

Three current board members of the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund (NETF), Sherry Vinton and Barb Batie, and Gloria Erickson released a joint statement denying Kerrey’s allegation that LB 229 presented a conflict of interest.

“With the information we had at time, we can say that LB 229 would not have affected the Nebraska Environmental Trust grant for Snake Falls Ranch because the Ranch was high enough on the Rank Order List and we would have had enough money to give out the grant even if LB 229 took the original $7 million,” said NETF board members Vinton, Batie, and Erickson.

Dean Edson, executive director of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD), who worked with Sen. Fischer on a compromise version of LB 229, also made it clear that the bill presented no conflict of interest.

“Recently the facts about LB 229, sponsored by Senator Deb Fischer, have been distorted. The bill had nothing to do with Snake River Falls as some have recently claimed,” said Edson, who praised LB 229 for providing millions of dollars for Nebraska water management programs like the Platte River Recovery Implementation Project.


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State Senators Endorse Deb Fischer For U.S. Senate

October 9, 2012

LINCOLN, Nebraska, October 8, 2012 - Today, 31 current state senators, and 44 former state senators announced their endorsement of Deb Fischer for United States Senate.

Deb Fischer has represented the 43rd Legislative District in the Nebraska Unicameral since 2005. She currently serves as Chair of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee and is a member of the Revenue Committee and the Executive Board. Senator Fischer has earned the reputation of being a problem solver, and the Omaha World-Herald calls her “one of the state’s most influential senators.” Fischer has passed over 90 bills, including the landmark Build Nebraska Act, which funds Nebraska’s roads without raising taxes, a bill that has been praised the Lincoln Journal Star as “an achievement that has evaded other state officials for too many years.”

“I’ve had the honor of serving with Senator Fischer in the Legislature, and have seen what a tireless and dedicated leader she is. Senator Fischer has never shied away from tackling the tough challenges facing our state, and she has built bipartisan coalitions to do what is right for Nebraska.”
Speaker Mike Flood
District 19

“I had the great pleasure of working with Deb to help cut spending, balance the budget and pass tax relief for Nebraska families and small businesses. She’s gotten the job done in Lincoln, and I know she will get the job done in Washington.”
Senator Bob Krist
District 10

“Senator Fischer has shown she can effectively represent urban, rural, and suburban Nebraska. She has consistently sponsored legislation that benefits Nebraska’s families, farmers, ranchers, and small business owners. We need her leadership on Capitol Hill.”
Senator Beau McCoy
District 39

“Senator Fischer has been one of the most effective and hard-working members of the Unicameral in recent memory. She deeply cares about the future of Nebraska, and will be a tremendous advocate for our state in the U.S. Senate.”
Senator Kathy Campbell
District 25

“Senator Fischer has accomplished great things in the Nebraska Legislature—from passing a landmark roads bill to working with fellow senators to cut spending and balance the budget. I’ve seen her dedication and determination up-close, and it’s why I’m enthusiastically supporting her campaign for U.S. Senate.”
Senator Tony Fulton
District 29

Here is a full list of Nebraska state senators who have announced their endorsement of Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate:

Senator Greg Adams, District 24 (York)

Senator Dave Bloomfield, District 17 (Hoskins)

Senator Lydia Brasch, District 16 (Bancroft)

Senator Kathy Campbell, District 25 (Lincoln )

Senator Tom Carlson, District 38 (Holdrege)

Senator Mark Christensen, District 44 (Imperial)

Senator Colby Coash, District 27 (Lincoln)

Senator Abbie Cornett, District 45 (Bellevue)

Senator Mike Flood, District 19 (Norfolk)

Senator Tony Fulton, District 29 (Lincoln)

Senator Mike Gloor, District 35 (Grand Island)

Senator Tom Hansen, District 42 (North Platte)

Senator John Harms, District 48 (Scottsbluff)

Senator Lavon Heidemann, District 1 (Elk Creek)

Senator Charlie Janssen, District 15 (Fremont)

Senator Bob Krist, District 10 (Omaha)

Senator Tyson Larson, District 40 (O’Neill)

Senator Paul Lambert, District 2 (Plattsmouth)

Senator Chris Langemeier, District 23 (Schuyler)

Senator Scott Lautenbaugh, District 18 (Omaha)

Senator LeRoy Loudon, District 49 (Lincoln)

Senator Beau McCoy, District 39 (Omaha)

Senator John Nelson, District 6 (Omaha)

Senator Rich Pahls, District 31 (Omaha)

Senator Pete Pirsch, District 4 (Omaha )

Senator Scott Price, District 3 (Bellevue)

Senator Paul Schumacher, District 22 (Columbus)

Senator Ken Schilz, District 47 (Ogallala)

Senator Les Seiler, District 33 (Hastings)

Senator Jim Smith, District 14 (Papillion)

Senator John Wightman, District 36 (Lexington)

Former State Senators

Senator Chris Abboud (Ralston)

Senator Ray Aguilar (Grand Island)

Senator Sharon Apking (Alexandria)

Senator Emil Beyer (Gretna)

Senator Kermit Brashear (Omaha)

Senator Curt Bromm (Wahoo)

Senator Carroll Burling (Kenesaw)

Senator Jeanne Combs (Friend)

Senator LaVon Crosby (Lincoln)

Senator Jim Cudaback (Riverdale)

Senator Doug Cunningham (Wausa)

Senator Cap Dierks (Ewing)

Senator Pat Engel (South Sioux City)

Senator Phil Erdman (Bayard)

Senator Mike Friend (Omaha)

Senator Tim Gay (Papillion)

Senator Elroy Hefner (Coleridge)

Senator Carol Hudkins (Malcolm)

Senator Joel Johnson (Kearney)

Senator Rod Johnson (Sutton)

Senator Jim Jones (Eddyville)

Senator Jim Jensen (Omaha)

Senator Leland Klein (Battle Creek)

Senator Bob Kremer (Aurora)

Senator Howard Lamb (Anselmo)

Senator LeRoy Loudon (Lincoln)

Senator Carol McBride Pirsch (Omaha)

Senator Vicky McDonald (Rockville)

Senator Jerry Miller (Davenport)

Senator Mick Mines (Blair)

Senator P.J. Morgan, District 4 (Omaha)

Senator Dave Pankonin (Louisville)

Senator Richard Peterson (Norfolk)

Senator Denny Rasmussen (Scotia)

Senator Lee Rupp (Monroe)

Senator Ed Schrock (Elm Creek)

Senator Jacklyn Smith (Hastings)

Senator Elaine Stuhr (Bradshaw)

Senator Arnie Stuthman (Platte Center)

Senator Gene Tyson (Norfolk)

Senator Merle Von Minden (Allen)

Senator Floyd Vrtiska (Table Rock)

Senator Don Wagner (Ord)

Senator Roger Wehrbein (Plattsmouth)


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