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Bob Kerrey’s Far Left Views On Healthcare Reform

June 27, 2012


“There Should Have Been ‘A Universal Public Option…A National System, The Feds Are Responsible For it.’”


“Kerrey Added That If He Were Responsible For Writing The Bill [ObamaCare], All Private Insurance Companies Would Be Eliminated.”


“Under A Kerrey Plan, ‘The Employment-Based System Of Getting Health Care’ Would Be History.”

LINCOLN, Nebraska, June 27, 2012 - When it comes to reforming our nation’s healthcare system, to say there is a difference in opinion between Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey would be a monumental understatement.

Sen. Deb Fischer supports fully repealing ObamaCare and enacting free market reforms that will lower healthcare costs, increase competition between insurance companies, and empower doctors and patients.

Bob Kerrey supports ObamaCare and the individual mandate; however, his liberal policy views on government-run healthcare extend well beyond the unpopular bill.

Kerrey has been a long-time advocate of a universal single-payer healthcare system, and wants to abolish private insurance companies.

In a 2010 interview with the Huffington Post, Kerrey said:

“There should have been ‘a universal public option… a national system, the feds are responsible for it.’ Kerrey added that if he were responsible for writing the bill, all private insurance companies would be eliminated.” (Carol Felsenthal, “Bob Kerrey Stands Behind Cornhusker Ben Nelson on Health Care Reform,” Huffington Post, 1/11/10)

Just three months ago, Kerrey once again articulated his support of a universal single-payer system:

“He also said he favors a universal health care program in which all Americans would be placed in a single health pool.” (Robynn Tysver, “Senate hopefuls would repeal health law,” Omaha World-Herald, 3/31/12)

Kerrey seems to have adopted many of his liberal policy views from Europe and Canada:

“Kerrey says he admires the British, the Canadian, the French, and the German health care systems. If only Americans could have ‘no anxiety about whether or not you’re covered… I was in England and had a little problem with my jaw and went right in and got taken care of, so even for visitors there’s a provision.’” (Carol Felsenthal, “Bob Kerrey Stands Behind Cornhusker Ben Nelson on Health Care Reform,” Huffington Post, 1/11/10)

“Although Bob Kerrey is entitled to his views, his desire to implement a universal single-payer healthcare system and eliminate private insurance companies is completely out of sync with Nebraska values,” said Fischer campaign spokesman Daniel Keylin. “While Bob Kerrey will attempt to move us towards a European-style government-run healthcare system, Nebraskans can count on Deb Fischer to lead the effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare.”


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Deb Fischer leads by 25 points

June 19, 2012

LINCOLN, Nebraska, June 19, 2012 – Today, the Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate campaign released poll results that show Deb Fischer with a significant 58%-33% lead over Bob Kerrey.

The live telephone survey was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a nationally renowned polling firm with a long and widely-respected record of polling for campaigns in Nebraska including Dave Heineman for Governor, Mike Johanns for U.S. Senate, Jeff Fortenberry for Congress, Lee Terry for Congress, and Adrian Smith for Congress.

Public Opinion Strategies surveyed 500 likely voters on June 17 and 18. The margin of error for the survey is ±4.38%.

“Nebraskans across the state are sending a very clear message that they prefer commonsense conservative Deb Fischer over liberal Democrat Bob Kerrey,” said campaign manager Aaron Trost. “Senator Fischer represents a welcome change from the career politicians in Washington who have given us record unemployment, trillions in debt, and Obamacare.”

The results of the survey are listed below:

If the election for United States Senate were being held today, for whom would you vote between?

Deb Fischer (R) 58%
Bob Kerrey (D) 33%
Undecided 7%


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Deb Fischer Applauds Senate for Passage of Farm Bill

June 19, 2012

LINCOLN, Nebraska, June 19, 2012 - Following the 64-35 passage of the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, U.S. Senate candidate Deb Fischer released the following statement:

“I applaud the Senate for passing the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, a bipartisan bill that cuts spending by billions of dollars while introducing several key reforms that help modernize our nation’s agriculture policy.

“Although it is disappointing that Sen. Johanns’ amendment to ban Environmental Protection Agency low-level surveillance flyovers did not pass, the 2012 farm bill taken as a whole is a victory for both American farmers and American taxpayers.

“The farm bill is a rare, yet promising example of how both parties can work together to achieve commonsense reform on behalf of the American people.”


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