As someone involved in a family ranch business, I know firsthand the challenges and responsibilities people in agriculture face.

In the Nebraska Legislature, I have built a strong record of supporting the Nebraska agriculture industry, and will continue to be an ally in the U.S. Senate:

Here are some of the highlights of my record supporting Nebraska farmers and ranchers:

  • Co-sponsored several bills that would reduce taxation by reducing the valuation of land used for agricultural purposes. (LB 960, 2006 Session & LB 440, 2011 Session)
  • Passed a bill protecting taxpayers that provides for a designated source of state revenue for water planning and management. (LB 229, 2011 Session)
  • Passed a bill protecting the confidentiality of farmers and ranchers who use the Animal ID program. (LB 531/856, 2006 Session)
  • Passed a bill protecting livestock animals that properly placed animal livestock in a separate and distinct area of statute apart from domestic animals and pets. (LB 865, 2010 
  • Improved the Livestock Waste Management Act to specify in the “three strikes rule” that a strike applies to a specific operation. Before this law, a strike was applied to an owner and all of their facilities. (LB 56, 2009 Session)
  • After the Kelo Supreme Court Decision, I passed a priority bill to protect private property rights from eminent domain abuse. (LB 924, 2006 Session)
  • Passed a priority bill that gave livestock owners additional time to request an inspection without incurring late fees. (LB 677, 2007 Session)

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