Governor Dave Heineman
“Deb’s a smart, bi-partisan problem solver. In the Legislature, she worked to cut spending and balance budgets. Her leadership passed Nebraska’s largest tax relief.”

Senator Mike Johanns
“She’s going to be a very common-sense, practical conservative, and we need more of that here.”

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry
“Deb Fischer will bring principled leadership to Washington and work in a constructive manner and that is what America needs.”

Omaha World-Herald
“Fischer, the Republican candidate, has proved herself to be a smart, hardworking and able legislator during two terms in the Nebraska Legislature, someone who has earned the respect of friend and foe alike with her lawmaking skills.”

Scottsbluff Star-Herald
“Fischer proved her mettle in the Legislature and would be a strong voice for rural America in the Senate, where such voices are lacking.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
“There’s a stark difference between the candidates on issues that create jobs, and the choice for Nebraska voters is clear. We’re proud to stand with Deb and highlight her strong record fighting for job creators, rather than stifling them with taxes, mandates, and regulations.”

National Federation of Independent Business
“Deb Fischer is the proven voice for small business in this race. Since being elected to Nebraska’s Unicameral in 2004, Deb has earned a 100 percent NFIB/NE voting record, and we trust that she will continue to advocate for NFIB’s priority issues such as tax reform, real and affordable solutions for health care, and reducing wasteful government spending in the United States Senate.”

Nebraska Farm Bureau
“Our endorsement is based on numerous factors, but the one that stands above all is that Deb Fischer truly understands the needs of farmers and ranchers as she is the only candidate who has lived and worked in agriculture.”

National Rifle Association
“The choice is clear in this election. Deb Fischer will support our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage. Bob Kerrey will not. We urge all NRA members and gun owners in Nebraska to vote Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate on November 6.”

National Cattlemen Beef Association
“We are incredibly pleased that one of our longtime members, Senator Deb Fischer, is running for U.S. Senate. She has been a strong advocate for Nebraska agriculture in the Nebraska Unicameral. I know many members across our state are very excited about her candidacy and she will make an outstanding U.S. Senator for the State of Nebraska.”

Speaker Mike Flood
“I’ve had the honor of serving with Senator Fischer in the Legislature, and have seen what a tireless and dedicated leader she is. Senator Fischer has never shied away from tackling the tough challenges facing our state, and she has built bipartisan coalitions to do what is right for Nebraska.”

Former Governor Kay Orr
“During her time in the Nebraska Unicameral, she passed character and leadership tests with flying colors. Her statesmanship has led some to characterize her as a public servant in the vein of the great Virginia Smith.”

Nebraska State Senators
31 current and 44 former state senators have endorsed Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate.

Veterans For Fischer
“Deb Fischer will be a United States Senator who veterans can always count on. She is committed to ensuring the federal government honors its commitments to our troops and veterans and provides them with the absolute best resources to help them transition back to civilian life after they have served our country.”
- State Senator Scott Price
, United States Air Force
 Master Sergeant (Ret.)

“State Sen. Deb Fischer understands the tremendous challenges we face abroad, but she is also prepared to tackle our nation’s most serious domestic threat: the national debt. Sen. Fischer understands that we need to begin living within our means to make sure we maintain a strong military that is able to keep our country safe.”

- Roma Amundson
, Nebraska Army National Guard
 Brigadier General (Ret.)

Educators For Fischer
“State Senator Deb Fischer knows very well that local communities—not government bureaucrats—know what is best for students. I am confident that Deb will work with both Democrats and Republicans in Washington in finding ways to better our nation’s public education system.”

- Robin Heidemann
, Teacher at Johnson County Central
, Elk Creek, NE

“Our country would be lucky to have a U.S. Senator like Deb who has been long-time leader in education. From serving on local school boards to serving on statewide education organizations, Deb knows what it will take to improve our nation’s educational system. Her impressive background combined with her bipartisan record in the Legislature will make her an outstanding representative in Washington.”

- Dick Kamm
, Past Superintendent of Columbus Lakeview Community Schools
, Columbus, NE

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