World-Herald editorial: Fischer tough and effective

October 21, 2012

Nebraskans are fortunate this year to have two serious, qualified candidates seeking their votes for the state’s next U.S. senator.

Democrat Bob Kerrey and Republican Deb Fischer have offered voters a robust, intelligent, largely on-point debate of the critical issues facing the nation.

We recommend Fischer, a Valentine rancher and two-term state senator.

Bob Kerrey deserves the thanks of Nebraskans. He is a native son who earned the Medal of Honor in service to the nation, served his state as its governor and served both the state and the nation as a U.S. senator.

But the Democrat walked away from that job in 2001 after two terms, for personal and professional reasons that are perfectly understandable. He left behind critical issues — those on which he had shown leadership and which remain on the front burner today: Social Security and Medicare reform, health care, national security, the nation’s intelligence-gathering machinery. If he had remained a senator, he could have had a major impact on them all.

His somewhat clumsy return to Nebraska after a decade in New York City — first deciding not to run, then a last-minute change of heart and address — has left many Nebraskans thinking he only came back to be a senator again.

Fischer, the Republican candidate, has proved herself to be a smart, hardworking and able legislator during two terms in the Nebraska Legislature, someone who has earned the respect of friend and foe alike with her lawmaking skills.

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