Kerrey Flip-Flops On Obamacare’s Individual Mandate

August 22, 2012

Kerrey In March: Supports The Individual Mandate

Kerrey In August: Opposes The Individual Mandate

LINCOLN, Nebraska, August 22, 2012 - Add another flip-flop to the list.

Bob Kerrey now claims he is against the individual mandate even though earlier in the race he told the Omaha World-Herald he favored it.

What Bob Kerrey Told The Omaha World-Herald In March 2012:

“Kerrey also has no comprehensive plan, although he opposes the repeal of the health care law and supports its individual mandate. He said the reality is that people without insurance can go to an emergency room knowing their costs will be covered by others. Those people should be required to pay for their care via mandated insurance coverage, Kerrey said.” (Robynn Tysver, “Senate Hopefuls Would Repeal Health Law,” Omaha World-Herald, 3/31/12)

What Bob Kerrey Says Now:

“He said he is against the individual mandate that is part of the Affordable Care Act.” (Harold Reutter, “Kerrey makes campaign stop in Aurora,” Grand Island Independent, 8/17/12)

In fact, Kerrey even said at one point that Obamacare didn’t go far enough. In 2010, Kerrey said his biggest problem with Obamacare was that it did not have a public option.

“First, Kerrey explained what he considered to be flawed in the Senate bill: There should have been “a universal public option… a national system, the feds are responsible for it.” Kerrey added that if he were responsible for writing the bill, all private insurance companies would be eliminated.” (Carol Felsenthal, Bob Kerrey Stands Behind Cornhusker Ben Nelson on Health Care Reform, Huffington Post, 1/11/10)

“Bob Kerrey knows he can’t win on his liberal record or his out-of-touch positions on the issues, so he has resorted to flip-flopping and launching outrageous negative attacks to try to change the conversation. That kind of campaigning might work in New York City, but we kindly remind Mr. Kerrey that it doesn’t work here in Nebraska,” said Fischer campaign spokesman Daniel Keylin.