Fight Back Against Bob Kerrey’s New York Super PAC

August 1, 2012

Just days ago, a super PAC began running false and negative attack ads against Deb Fischer.

As reported by Bloomberg, the Bob Kerrey super PAC is being funded by out-of-state billionaires, primarily from Kerrey’s home state of New York.

We need your help to fight back against the New York political machine.

Donate $250, $100, $25 or $10 and send a clear message to Bob Kerrey that his billionaire friends in New York will not be able to buy this election.

It is clear that this race is between a commonsense conservative Nebraskan supported by Nebraskans and a New Yorker funded by out-of-state special interests.

Deb Fischer will fight for Nebraska values and will work towards a Balanced Budget Amendment and the repeal of Obamacare. Bob Kerrey will be another vote for the failed policies of Harry Reid and President Obama.

Please donate $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to help Deb fight back against Bob Kerrey’s super PAC ads.

On to victory,

Daniel Keylin
Communications Director


New York Donors Fund Super-PAC Attacking Kerrey Foe in Nebraska
George Giroux
July 27, 2012

New York is working on Bob Kerrey in Nebraska.

A super-PAC funded partly by New York financiers is aiding Kerrey’s Democratic bid to win a Nebraska U.S. Senate seat with television and radio ads critical of his Republican opponent.

The super-PAC, End the Gridlock, reported spending $315,589 to produce and place ads opposing state Senator Deb Fischer, who’s favored to defeat Kerrey, a former U.S. senator, partly because he lived in New York after leaving the Senate in 2001. End the Gridlock disclosed the spending in a filing to the Federal Election Commission today.

The PAC raised about $230,000 through June from nine donors, including five from New York and one each from California, Massachusetts, Nebraska and Texas, it told the FEC July 6. The New York donors included Bernard Schwartz, a longtime Democratic donor and chief executive officer of BLS Investments who gave $50,000; Herbert A. Allen, the chief executive officer of investment bank Allen & Co., who donated $10,000; and Stephen Berger, the chairman of Odyssey Investment Partners, who also gave $10,000.

California philanthropist Sidney Kimmel contributed $100,000 to the PAC, and Nebraska philanthropist Richard D. Holland gave $25,000.

An e-mail message to End the Gridlock wasn’t immediately returned.

The PAC will “focus on high-impact political races that can dramatically improve both Congress and our political culture,” it says on its  Web-site.

“We believe the 2012 Nebraska U.S. Senate race represents one such opportunity: Bob Kerrey is an independent voice who will bring leadership and common sense back to the Senate,” the Web-site said.

Kerrey represented Nebraska in the Senate from 1989 to 2001. He served a decade aspresident of the New School in New York’s Greenwich Village.