Flip-Flopper Bob Kerrey Calls For RAISING Taxes On The Middle-Class

July 31, 2012


KERREY: “This Proposal Calls For A Tax Increase.”

REPORTER: “Is This A Middle-Class Tax Increase?

KERREY: “Yeah, In Some Respects It Is.”


“Kerrey Opposes Tax Increases On The Middle-Class.”

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, July 31, 2012 - Yesterday, Bob Kerrey admitted to Nebraska Watchdog that his newly released Social Security plan includes tax increases on the middle-class, contradicting his previous position of opposing raising taxes on middle-class Americans.

Nebraska Watchdog: “Is this a middle class tax increase?

Kerrey: “Uh, well it depends where you draw the line of the middle-class. The current wage limit is $106,000. So it would not increase taxes on up to $106,000.”

Nebraska Watchdog: “So, in some respects it is?”

Kerrey: “Yeah, in some respects it is.”

By proposing an increase in Social Security taxes, Bob Kerrey has flip-flopped on his previous promise to not raise taxes on middle-class Americans.

In a June 11th press release, Bob Kerrey’s campaign made his position clear:

“Kerrey opposes tax increases on the middle class.” (Kerrey Press Release, “Shameless Negative Ad Butchers Bob Kerrey Tax Comments,” 6/11/12)

Ironically, the Kerrey press release decried suggestions from some that he favored middle-class tax increases, claiming his previous comments were being “butchered.”

But only two months later, liberal Bob Kerrey’s latest flip-flop leaves no room for doubt.

The Bob Kerrey Middle Class Tax Hike:

“The percent of wages taxed has decreased from 90% in the 1990’s to 83% in 2010. This is because the taxable maximum wage cap (currently $106,800) has not increased in line with wages. The Kerrey Plan supports restoring the taxable maximum gradually to cover 90% of wages by 2050.” (Bob Kerrey, “The Kerrey Plan To Save Social Security,” 7/30/12)

“It took only two months for Bob Kerrey to flip-flop on his position of whether or not to raise taxes on the middle-class. Only Bob Kerrey could propose a tax hike that affects even more Americans than President Obama’s tax hikes,” said Fischer campaign spokesman Daniel Keylin. “Hard-working middle-class Nebraskans don’t appreciate a New York liberal telling them that they’re not paying their fair share.”