Senator Deb Fischer Receives Support from National Cattlemen’s PAC

January 30, 2012

Lincoln, NE – Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, announced today that the campaign received important financial support from the National Cattlemen Beef Association Political Action Committee (NCBA-PAC).

NCBA-PAC is the largest national trade organization representing cattle owners.  NCBA-PAC raises funds from voluntary contributions from NCBA members to support political candidates who support the U.S. beef cattle industry.

To be given financial support from NCBA-PAC, a candidate must receive a majority of votes by board members from their state.  In December, the board of Nebraska Cattlemen voted unanimously to give Senator Fischer’s campaign a $2,500 contribution.  She is the only candidate in the race to receive support from NCBA-PAC.

“I’m very honored by the support of NCBA-PAC.  Throughout my campaign, I have traveled over 30,000 miles and received tremendous support from Nebraska’s agriculture community,” Senator Deb Fischer said.  “As a rancher and small-business owner, I will take my life experience to the U.S. Senate and be a strong voice for agriculture - the backbone of Nebraska’s economy.  One of the reasons my campaign will succeed is because of the tremendous support we have from the farmers and ranchers of Nebraska.”

Michael Kelsey, Executive Vice President of Nebraska Cattlemen, also commented on NCBA-PAC’s support of Senator’s Fischer.

“We are incredibly pleased that one of our longtime members, Senator Deb Fischer, is running for U.S. Senate.  She has been a strong advocate for Nebraska agriculture in the Nebraska Unicameral,” Kelsey said.  “I know many members across our state are very excited about her candidacy and she will make an outstanding U.S. Senator for the State of Nebraska.”

Senator Fischer is a lifelong Nebraskan who co-owns a family ranching business near Valentine.  Over the last seven years, Fischer has served the 43rd district in the Nebraska Legislature.   Known as an experienced and effective legislator, she currently serves as Chair of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee and is a member of the Revenue Committee and the Executive Board.